Is there any other country, blessed by God with nature, specially birds, so plentiful? Be aware, this beautiful country is able to drive you crazy. ūüôā

The people in Uganda* have so a lot what has got lost the people in the so-called developed countries. We would like to discover these treasures and make visible and learn from the people in Uganda. To help them to live not in an europian way but in an ugandan way. In addition they need above all encouragement.

In search of hope and perspective many young Ugandans leave her native country and go to the town**, how so many beforethem. There they expect with high likely hood unemployment, hunger and a life in the slum.


*   more good informations about Uganda: MyUganda** The population of Kampala grows vom 63.000 (1960) up to 1.400.000 (2006).