A Training, if possible interculturell, in an African village in rural areas

How this vision came to us:

It was created on 29 December 2014 on the way back from Zeu, a small village on the border with Congo, to Kampala. The experiences in the small village have moved a lot in both of us. And on the way back, which lasted 14 hours, this vision became concrete like a movie for me (Jörg). First we got a trailer and then it became more and more detailed. Two days later, on 01.01.2015, I (Jörg) put these pictures and impressions as a website under the name “Father’s House Zeu” on the net. This is my way of developing something for myself and giving it space, just letting it work and being able to look at it. 14 months later we left. 50 months after the first perception of this vision, we notice how it takes shape. Our friend David carries this vision further and implements it. What an exciting story. “And I almost lost sight of her on the way. I was very ashamed to realize that.

I’m writing this to encourage you not to make the same mistake. Record your calling and also a vision that God gives you. He gives them to you because he wants to and will implement them with you. Just as we are experiencing right now. Self-sought or tinkered visions are usually not sustainable in difficult situations. It’s worth waiting for HIM.”

Jörg Kitgum, 15th März 2019