How it starts

* Ot Pa Wora is Acholi, a ugandan tribal language and means “House of my Father”

David together with some of the 35 Orphans.

David is fourty years old and is living with his wife Anett and his children (Ivan, Jacob, Patience and Simon Peter) in Abakadyak near to the border of South Sudan.

David grew up in this area. His Family is owning a piece of land, which is not used actually.

His family has lost some members during the war. Also David has been captured by Konys Soldiers and had to serve for some time. He is able to talk about things, we cant even imagine. It takes him years that he was able to sleep in the night without this pictures. He needs also years to find back in a normal life. His growing relationship to Jesus was the key for him.

He left his home, went to Bweyale and was going for theological trainings. He was developing to an evengelist and good bibleteacher. Every time he is teaching adults. he feels this longing in his heart to teach children.

He goes to Abakadyak, when possible, to help some of the nearly 500 children growing up without parents. They are catching and eating rats.

His greatest wish is, to find somebody, working with this kids on the land of his family. Cause he has to start every time new, when he returns

A typical reaction for Ugandans. Help can only come from outside, never from myself or the government. It is grown by experiences. Help comes from foreigners!

What will be, if you try to think with unlimited opportunities, were Petra and Jörg asking him. There comes a burning in his eyes. His posture changed and he said: I would go to Abakadyak buildung a home  and start with theses kids.But how should that work? Longtime we could support ourselve, but shorttime I need support.

In Ot Pa Wora Nyamusasa we thought about this. Finally, we found Supporters, who will support him for the first two years. In two years the ministry should be able to support itself with teh 20 acres of land.

They moved on 26th of January 2018 from Bweyale to Abakadyak and started their ministry there.

September 2022