* Ot Pa Wora ist Acholi, eine ugandische Stammessprache. Es bedeutet Haus meines Vaters. 

Since 2007 there is peace in “Acholiland”, the part in the north of Uganda where we live. The warlord Kony is out of the country and the camps (see picture) have been gradually dissolved. But the Acholi return only slowly. In Bweyale alone, where Petra and Jörg initially lived, many have settled down and remain there. Their Ugandan friend David, head of Ot Pa Wora. was one of them. He only decided to go back in January 2018, after feeling God’s call and hope again. A hope he wants to share.

How can you reactivate people who have been traumatized by 20 years of cruel brutality and who have lived in camps for 10-20 years without work? We don’t really have an answer to this, but we see how “living sharing” and the love of David’s family in Abakadyak (Ot Pa Wora) creates new perspectives. We hope for a snowball effect of encouragement and are already seeing the beginnings of it.

Below you can see a drawing of an IDP camp. 1.7 million (95% of all Acholi were imprisoned in it for years. They were not allowed to leave it and were not allowed to work. If you click on the drawing, you will see a real photo.