Children as Soldiers – The Night Wanderers

This book I have discovered and devoured. It has helped me to understand the period of 1962 (independence Uganda) until today.

Where adults are afraid of children. … These literary reportage of Polish journalists Wojchiech Jagielski is certainly the best work that you can read about Gulu, Kony and the recent history of Uganda. He describes why the North does not come to rest for 30 years, although the rest of Uganda was pacified after the horrors reigns of Milton Obote and Idi Amin by Yoweri Museveni and certainly one of the better parts of Africa today. And he explains why an obvious psychopath like Kony can exert over the years such a reign of terror. … Wojchiech Jagielski describes very vividly how much the people suffer under Kony and the dilemma the company lies. … Although Jagielski portrays many atrocities, but he wrote a quiet, low-key book. The Pole is a seeker, one who really wants to find out how it could come to this tragedy. Especially vividly it is in those places where he thinks about his profession, has doubts about him because he knows that he can not learn much from the locals. In an alien for a European world, with a strange belief in spirits, he finds it difficult to understand things right, and he exposes again. … His book describes the reality in northern Uganda much more accurate than most of journalistic texts. … (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26.7.2010. By Michael Bitala)