“no main residence in Germany”

So it is in our identity cards. Our apartment is empty and passed. 15 months ago we had a similar situation, only all our furniture and household items were there embedded in a container box.

Now all things are gone, except for the 4 suitcases and 5 boxes (one is already in Kampala), which we will take. A large part we have sold and given away many other things.

How that feels? that’s a question we ask ourselves also. 😉 This you noted, we have no clear answer. I, Jörg, feel sometimes freed. Especially when heavy boxes were put away, in which things were that belong to us, I felt “ballast”.

The box is heavy in your hands. What makes it hard? Things that you’ve wrapped up 3 years ago in Hildesheim, she switched on in Radebeul and have unpacked and off again in the last apartment and have packed. In the intervening time they camped on a shelf without you taken notice of them have.

In addition, there is the feeling of uncertainty, in which we go.

We achieved this section. If we go in 2 weeks again to Dresden, we do it as a guest. Together with Corah, Malcolm, Dale (Malcolm mother from the USA), Joy, Sion Aron and we will stay for 3 weeks in Altreick and together make a “holiday”. Also a special experience in the same environment in which we lived.