Conditions & Goals; Contents


  • You are following Jesus
  • Your age is between 18 and 90
  • You feel a special longing in your heart
  • You are ready to live for some time in an african village without electricity and running water
  • You are ready to respect and honor the culture we will live in. That’s an very important issue for us


we want to …

  • live and work as a community in the love of christ. We will have struggles, but we will go through with His help
  • encourage the Ugandan people
  • accept His calling for us
  • celebrate, serve, worship, cry, work, laugh, pray, learn
  • stay connected
  • multiply our experiences in our countrys

We don’t know, what God want to do in your live, but we are sure, He will do it, when you are ready.

We choose Uganda with his special places and people, to slow down, to enjoy His creation and to give Him a better chance to reach us.

Possible Contents

  • bible teachings and bible reading
  • teachings about poverty, aids, Kingdom of God, micro-economic, culture, language and  more
  • we will work in different existing projects
  • being part of a team, serving in the slums
  • prayer, worship, small group, one to one meetings, counseling …
  • living with and learning from the village people
  • providing ourself by learning how to do it
  • learning to cook with firewood
  • harvesting
  • dancing and celebrating